Worse than ChexSystems

Early Warning Services

Most people that have been reported to Early Warning Services (EWS) consider is far worse than being reported to ChexSystems. EWS was created by major banks including Wells Fargo, Capital One, BB&T, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America to prevent fraud and reduce risk. While companies such as ChexSystems and TeleCheck focus on keeping records of people who mismanage bank accounts with overdrafts or writing checks on closed accounts, EWS focuses on fraudulent activity. Its database tracks consumers’ negative interactions with banks, as well as activities such as bank fraud, forgery, check kiting, check alteration and counterfeiting.  Once you have been reported to EWS is difficult to be removed. Generally the report will remain for 7 years. There are some that have disputed and were successful but not many. If a bank uses EWS to determine if an account can be opened and they find you are reported, it is next to impossible to be approved. 

The same as ChexSystems, you are allowed to have a free copy of your report once a year.  EWS is subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an important consumer law enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, a government consumer protection agency. The FCRA protects consumer rights by allowing you to review your report and dispute incorrect items. Order your free copy of your EWS report by downloading an identification form on the EWS website or by contacting the company by phone at 800-325-7775, by fax at 480-656-6850 or by mail at:

Early Warning Services, LLC

16552 North 90th Street, Suite 100

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Fill out the form, sign it and mail it with a copy of a government-issued ID. They will insist on having a copy of your ID. DO NOT give them a new checking account number if they ask for one. 

How to Dispute an Item on Your EWS Report

If you find any errors, dispute them directly with the bank. File a dispute with EWS, too, following the instructions on the report. If EWS denies your dispute and refuses to remove the contested information, exercise your consumer rights by sending a rebuttal statement to add to your file.

If you are reported to EWS and have to wait out the 7 years, I suggest you find a bank that does not utilize this system to open an account at.